Friday, January 29, 2016

''I wasent trying to leave a legacy. I was trying to do what was right.''
Dean Smith

This quote that Dean Smith gave us is really important. Mostly people would love to be a legacy and be reconized. But Dean Smith is different. He dident want that honor. Dean Smith is very humble that he wouldent acept such an honor. He just wanted to do what was right and it made him the man he is today. Humble, kind, giving... Dean Smith is a man with such a nice mentality. He gave his team what they needed to become someone in life. He guided all of his basketball students to do all good. He is a man that should be respected and honored because he made lots of people feel good about themselves. The fact that he went to comfort the coach from the opposing team is something that you dont see very offten. Dean Smith is so humble that he comforted the other coach before going with his team. You dont need to be a legacy for anyone to resoect for what you did... You just have to be nice, caring, and humble so people know the typ
e of person you are 

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